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    Originally posted by Santron
    Looks like I'm in the same situation as you now. The Airborne Express tracking number didn't pull up anything online, so I called Airborne, and, sure enough, it was NOT a tracking number. I called Handspring and they tell me that it is an RMA number and that the unit will ship in 1-2 weeks.

    This REALLY pisses me off because I asked the Handspring guy yeterday if it was FOR SURE shipping then and if it would FOR SURE arrive today, and was told "yes" to both. So I stayed home from work all day waiting for this F&$#*$% thing only to find this out.

    Now to put all of my data back on after performaing that hard reset in anticipation of sending it back today...
    What's the status with yours? I called back and played dumb and they said they had put mine to the front of the line. he knew I called yesterday (28th) and should be received by the 30th, otherwise call back.
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    You know, I did the same thing. I called back today and got a different guy on the phone and I played dumb too, like..."geez, it was supposed to show up yesterday and it never did...what happened?" They then told me that it takes 2-3 days, and if I don't receive it by tomorrow to call back. Which is fine with me if it happens. I mean, waiting a day or two isn't so bad (even if the expectation that was initially set was overnight), but two weeks is a long time. Especially for me as I travel a lot and just happen to be in town all week this week so I wanted to get it wrapped up. Also, too, I can hear that damned screw (or whatver it is) ratling around inside the thing when I walk with it in my pocket and it's drivin' me nuts!!
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    Cool! But I'll believe it when I see it though. I don't mind the couple days either, but a couple weeks is really an inconvenience because mine is pretty much useless. I haven't even turned it on for a couple days.

    Now the question is do I stay with Sprint or wait for AT&T. Man, I wish I could test them side by side while traveling in different areas.
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    I have a bit of experience with that. I used to have AT&T several years ago. I was VERY happy with their coverage. At that time SPRINT was not as good, especially in central Cal where I visited a lot at the time. These days, my feeling is that Sprint is probably as good as AT&T. I have had Sprint for the last three years and have been all over the country and have never had a coverage problem. I hardly even roam at all. In fact, I used to pre-purchase roaming minutes but never even used them. So..coverage-wise, I think Sprint is just as good as AT&T. BUT....

    The real difference lies in the data plan. With my current plan with Sprint I get unlimited data, which I think makes a huge difference. Here's why: I got my Treo 600 on Oct 20. On Oct 28, I noticed that my bill was $70.00 OVER what I expected it to be. I was wondering how I could have possibly racked up $70.00 in ??? So I called them. It turns out that they made a mistake and did not include the unlimited PCS Vision in my plan, which they should have. It was no problem and they reversed the charges, but my point is that if I did not have unlimited Vision (Sprint data plan), my usage would have been $70.00 in data for just 8 days!! And I didn't even use it THAT much.

    AT&T from what I could see does not have any kind of unlimited data plan- they have a per KB charge that varies with the level of plan ( the more $$ the lower your rate per KB of data). Since I have had my Treo 600 for the past two weeks I have found the Internet feature TREMENDOUSLY useful for Mapquest, sending pics (BTW, $5.00/mo on Sprint for unlimited use, substantially more on AT&T), looking us stuff as it comes to mind and not having to wait until I get to a real computer, price comparisons in stores, etc... In other words, I would not even entertain a plan/provider that didn't have unlimited data because I think it would be expensive in the long run. Watch out for the lower priced Sprint plans that do not have unlimited data as well!!, my take on it is that both AT&T and Sprint have the same coverage for the areas that I am in, but AT&T would be substantially more expensive on the pictures and data charges, making Sprint the better all around deal, at least for me.

    Anyway, just my $.02.

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    Excellent points, Mike. I'm dropping my AT&T plan as soon as my replacement arrives and sticking with Sprint for now. My biggest worries other then what you already mentioned were the battery life and inability to receive calls while on the web. I'll probably not notice those that much though. I can also change down the road and finally take my number with me. BTW, 10:30 a.m. here and still no replacement . . . .
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    Battery life seems to be OK. I had mine with me all day yesterday, and did a one hour conf call, 5-6 smaller calls, and had the PDA on extensively while shopping at several stores, and did 15-20 mins of Internet and the battery was down to 60% when I plugged back in last night at 10:00PM.

    BTW, there is a cable available that both charges and does data in one single short cable - much better to carry while traveling than that multi headed hydra that comes with it, AND you can charge at any machine that has a USB slot.
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