This was posted and moved to another forum, but since there should be quite a few 600 activations, I want to pass on the solution, and then tell you all the solutions that Sprint went through with me the last couple of days. I'm not blaming them, because they can't see the phone, but they can't think of everything. They should add this to their list of stuff to check though.

My error 67's went away when the automatic network time was disabled, and I changed it from Mountain Time to Pacific Time. Data activated just fine by itseld and I can browse the web and use email. The unit was shipped from Utah, where they are on Mountain time, and I forgot to change it to Pacific. That's the simple story, now here's the complicated stuff I went through.

* * * *

I went through this but in less detail with the Treo 300, and I'm pretty familliar with Palms as well as networking. At the time I got the phone the 600 Friday evening it was pretty easy to hook up, and the data part set itself up and worked fine. I also downloaded BUsiness Connection and sync'd my ecchange email since I had the client running at work.

I started getting HTTP errors Saturday, and when I called I asked if they were having data issues in the Bay Area, but they weren't aware of them and I could ping with mergic ping but not browse to it.

(Today they are and their provisioning system is down according to Frank in data support.)

Here's my understanding of the provisioning process. I believe the bottom line is that you should be able to do a hard reset and it will set itself up. The phone info (phone number in two places) stays in after a hard reset by the way:

If you go to ##3282 or Network preferences, on a new phone or after a hard reset, the account says Sprint Provisioning. My Treo 300 used to Hard Reset whenever the batteries went completely dead, so it's safe to say my 300 provisioned itself at least 30 times, and you get a bunch of SMS messages that set up the account.

They call this IOTA or Inter Over The Air provisioning. It's a little shakey at the moment it seems, but that's network life.

Those commenting on hand provisioning seem to be correct, with the exception, that if you try to pre provision or pre populate the "provisioning account" the settings don't get saved. We had that trouble until we used ##774 and reset to factory, then we provisioned the "untitled account" and Whitney, the CSR said her manager said that would be enough to set it up after my account unlocks. They should have tools to unlock because the guy I spoke to today says it's a Windows based system (why do I worry ?) and it's a central database. He claims there is no replication. So much for his view.

They changed my vision password during this process, and commented that I was probably locked out from several error 67 failures. It never provisioned last night, nor this morning. I called this morning and they (Frank) said the provisioning system was down. I could ride them like crazy but I think I'll try to keep the calls pretty short until I get someone that seems to know how well their provisioning system works at a particular moment.

Based on some comments on the board, it looks like they are having "issues" and it may not be worth my time calling, unless someone on the board knows what they can do that their system won't do automatically after a herd reset is done to the Palm and the account is shown as Sprint Provisioning.

Hopeless Gearhead