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    So...per the *exact* instructions and tips i've found, I've emailed *standard* .MID files to my phone. Sound Manager will open them but will not play them at all.

    The frustrating thing is I work for a recording studio and have extensive MIDI experience, but this is clearly a phone issue and not my "forte"

    ANY thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Reliable control of ring tones seems an important aspect of proper phone management, and in case anyone is wanting to suggest actual "ring tones" MIDI is generally FREE and ringtones are not. )

    Many thanks!!!

    Kid 600
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    I'm a new Treo 600 owner, and I love this thing. There are, however, some areas that I'm struggling with.

    I agree on the midi file issue. I'm sure it must be obvious, but how do you install midi files on this thing? It seems to not allow installation unless you have an SD card.

    Do the files need to have a certain extension on your PC? Any detailed instructions would be much appreciated.
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    Originally posted by kid 600
    The frustrating thing is I work for a recording studio and have extensive MIDI experience, but this is clearly a user issue and not my "forte"
    Fixed. ...And quit winking at me.

    Edit: Oh, heck -- I'll be "helpful." The switch on top of your Treo wouldn't happen to be set to "silent," would it?
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    make sure the midi's aren't over 64k. I would assume that since you are some sort of sound engineer/musician, your midi's may be large.
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    The MID files have to accord to General MIDI format for a start. If you choose MID files intended for a non GM MIDI instrument, you will probably get poor or no results.

    I don't know what control channels are supported yet but I assume from the built in tones that volume and velocity are in there.
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    kid 600,

    To re-cap what we all are adding, thus far...

    .mid files must:
    - be under 64K in size,
    - be sent to your phone via email, or may download them from the web via Blazer 3,
    - must not be loaded onto your SD/MMC card as they need to reside in the Midi Ringtone file on the phone,
    - .mid files must be General Midi format of 1, 2 or 3 (if using GM3, each instrument must reside within that specific GM3 range of instruments),
    - make sure that the volume is not set to silent.

    If the above conditions have been met:
    - Email the .mid to yourself,
    - Fetch your mail with Snappermail (or other attachment capable Palm email software),
    - Open email and tag attachment to "Fetch complete file on next session",
    - Fetch email again,
    - Open email and tap the .mid attachment,
    - "Open with Sounds",
    - Go down the list to the .mid file and tap play.

    I have loaded tons of .mid files this way.

    If you need additional help, email me a sample .mid file that does not for you on your phone and I would be happy to try and load it on mind.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Sorry it took a minute to get back...thank you for your helpful comments. In response: Not, my ringer isn't set to silent The midi files are GM and under 64K. Snappermail sees them fine and in fact after days of not working, one of the m suddenly started functioning properly (!?) but indeed the one i'm wrestling with just will not behave...I will in fact email it to ya Dave and *thank you* for being willing to take a look Thanks again

    kid 600
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    For your enjoyment / aggrivation and testing purposes
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    An additional way to get 'em to your phone, should you have a laptop... use infrared and beam 'em to it. You can also beam 'em from the phone (including the standard system tones!) to a laptop and then edit 'em and beam 'em back. I've edited down and added over 30 MIDI's to my Treo this way.

    Note that you need to have "Beam Receive" in the general prefs turned on for this to work.

    - Mike
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    kid 600,

    I looked at the file and I think it has too many tracks. It has 50 listed. The Treo 600 only supports 16 tracks and I think it is bombing trying to load the 50 "different tracks".

    The file now plays from my Treo 600 but I cannot upload it here, as .mid is an "invalid file type". Oh, well. I will email it to you.

    Dave Lindberg

    P.S. It plays okay, but I think if you edit the instruments you can create a tone that really rocks!
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