I just received my Treo 600 last week and have been anxious to utilize the messaging features to be available for work when I am way from my desk. (Maybe there is something wrong with that actually...)

I read the threads on the different messaging applications and the raves on Verichat. So I went and installed the verichat evaluation copy 1.90 on my 600 with Sprint service. My work mostly uses AOL AIM, so I only configured it to utilize my AIM accounts.

At first glance it seemed great, but after some experimentation with Verichat by using two computers (my desktop at home with one username and my treo with another) I found there are lots of issues and the application may not be robust enough to utilize for reliable messaging. Now this may be the Sprint Network and not Verichat?

Has anyone had some of these issues and have work-arounds?

1) Buddy list is not up to date. It does not seem to recognize when users log on or off except when it initally connects to the proxy.

2) Inbound Messages to Treo - The outbound messages always seem to be relatively reliable. However, the inbound messages are either sometimes delayed significantly, or don't come through at all!

3) Big Buddy lists - I found that if I use my main username with a large buddy list, verichat will not receive messages. If I use a username with only a handful of buddies, it seems to work more reliably.

Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!