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    I'm a T-Mobile user waiting for the 600, but I'm concerned about the size of the screen. I currently use a 180g (with the Graffiti area scratched to hell) and am planning to upgrade, but I use the machine more as a PDA than as a phone -- I write longish documents on it sometimes, with Wordsmith. To you Sprint users: Does the slightly smaller screen size of the 600 make the text harder to read? Or does the brighter screen make up for it? (Or does it just not matter?) I still miss the larger screen on my old Visor Deluxe, though the smaller overall size of the Treo more than makes up for it.

    Also, I presume there's a Grafitti or handwriting program that works with the 600. Any recommendations?

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    Don't be. I got used to it right away. I went from a Visor Prism/digital Link, to treo 300, to Treo 600 in 2 months. yes, the screen is extremely bright. I thought I'd miss Graffiti and I don't at all. Although I think overall I preferred the T300 keyboard to the T600. I have no problem reading text on the T600. I think you'll be quite happy with it.

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