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    My Treo 600 shipped Friday and is scheduled to arrive Monday, and I am researching email, IM and ringtones this weekend.

    For ringtones, has anyone used this software from that supposedly converts MP3 songs you have to ringtones, then sends them to your PCS Vision phone?

    For email, based on comments here am going to get snappermail, and for IM havent yet decided between verichat or AIM 1.2 for Palm OS.

    But does anyone have any comments on XingTone for creating your own music ringtones from MP3s?

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    Just tried the download to my 600 and it said the file is not supported by my device. Sorry...
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    I sent email to the website and got a very speedy reply (IMPRESSIVE to respond so quickly.. on a Sunday, no less!). Here is there reply:


    david, believe it or not; no. although it [Treo 600] can play MP3`s, there was no
    support built for anything other than polyphonic ringers. we`ll keep
    studying it here so let;et us know if you hear otherwise.


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    let me say that xingtone probably converts the mp3 to a .qcp file. I wish this was supported by the T600 because I converted a bunch of .wav files to this and was hoping there would be someway to do the same for my T600.

    Although my Treo 600 blows away my sanyo 8100, the sanyo at least had .qcp compatibility.

    And FYI, if you still have a phone that uses .qcp, Qualcomm has a simple utility app that converts .wav files (mono 16-bit file?) to .qcp. All you need is a sound editor. Very easy to do, that's why I was hoping for this on the T600.

    I'm bored of midi's. There's only so much that can be done with them. QCP files can copy any sound you want, not just synthesized sounds.


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