I haved searched high and low for a app. that will sync my outlook inbox and outbox with my T 600 and can only find software with this function at palmone called versamail but I would like T 600 compatiable software that is freeware or cheapware. I am now using snapper trial and it works pretty well but I set my T 600 up to sync over the net so that I can sync anywhere anytime and if inbox would sync I would not need snapper.

Does anybody know of a app. that would sync outlook inbox?

Also I am a bit upset over this bluetooth issue has anybody opened the T 600 I read elsewhere that HS designed it for bluetooth and the board has solderpads for BT just no chip could chip be installed and I could have BT? or since I only want the BT for headset is there enough room inside to add simple BT like what has been done in this post http://discussion.brighthand.com/pal...threadid=34453