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    If the Treo 600 battery flat or drained, will the data stored in the phone gone? Just like Palm device, if the battery drained, I will lost all my data.

    With SE P800, I experienced that, I wont lose my data eventhough my battery run out. Seems the data is in the Flash Memory.

    Please advise. Thanks a lot!
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    According to the manual, the p[hone will warn you when power is low then shut down. The remaining battery power is SUPPOSED to preserve yor data for about three days. Others have reported that the phone did not warn them in certain apps and data was lost.

    Go at your own risk here.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Anyone can verify? is it really does as what other said? Will it keep the Data for 3 days when your battery totally FLAT?
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    I have gone more than 24 hours in this state without losing data. It worked very well for me.

    The Treo gave the shutdown warning and then did a 30 second countdown. The phone became unresponsive to anything except a soft reset which woke it up lon enough to go into another 30 second countdown.
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    I just finished a battery drain test. I backed up data with a hot sync first. At 15% power, LED started flashing red and phone started giving pop up and beep warnings . I kept using the phone and it kept giving warnings every so often all the way down to 1%. I kept using the phone (on a call) till it went to 0% (3.60 volts) and the LED stopped flashing red and turned to flashing GREEN which I didn't expect!. I kept using the phone and was able to make another call at 0% which went for 3 minutes till a pop up message says something like "your battery is almost empty, shutting down in 15 seconds". I stayed on the call till it shut itself off. I tried powering it up immediately and it did not power up. I plugged in the charger and was able to power it back on. Good news- all data still there. This test shows that the 600 is a little more graceful in its power management than the 300.
    The battery meter, unlike the 300 is very accurate in both charging and not charging.
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    Excellent News!


    Bob Duckworth
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    I lost data a couple of days ago! That was a frustrating experience, since I'd never had that happen with the Treo 300.

    I was using Blazer while attending a conference when the phone performed a reset. First, it displayed the "Palm powered" logo; then a message appeared to say that the battery was extremely low and about to turn off in 30 seconds.

    I shut the phone down right away, but the databases were already gone. The phone number and user ID were still there, but all the contacts and datebook info were gone.

    It looks like sync'ing the phone to PC will have to become a regular habit rather than an occasional safety measure.
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    See my posts on this thread for explaination on the data loss issue:
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    I haven't used a Palm is a few years, (presently a PPC user until Mr. T comes) but when you Hotsync your files or otherwise do a backup, isn't your last backed files there on your desktop. Aren't you are then able to back track and get your backup files if it does crash and your data is loss?

    Or, if you have a memory card, can't you run a backup on the card for your files and retrieve them that way?
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