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    I called sprint and told them I wanted to "upgrade my 300" which was "under warranty" to a 600. They billed me $ 599, and sent me a Fedex envelope where I sent back my 300 and got a credit for $ 399.

    That cost $200. I called and extended my contract another 2 years and they gave me a $150 credit.

    SO the 600 cost me $ 50.

    The 600 is nice!
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    I'm going to let everyone in on a big secret here: Sprint credits refunds and then doesn't follow up to make sure you returned the right thing.

    Most of the time you could call up, say you are returning it, and then never send in the return, and they will credit it.

    Bottom line: Sprint is too stupid to realize that the T600 you are sending back is actually a T300. - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    Nice fraud hatoncat...
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    It's not fraud if they never send you the return pack. Happened to me a while back...
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    if you knowingly do something like that.

    I think we've learned more about the character of some people with this thread that we would've ever known.

    Thanks for sharing your lack of honesty and character with all of us.
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    Originally posted by Ben Van Gaasbeek
    Nice fraud hatoncat...
    I didn't make it up, nor have I ever done it. Was just pointing out what's going on (how you can send a Treo 300 back in the 600's return box). - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    Hey mgauss, what number did you call to do the upgrade, and what number did you call to get $150 service credit?

    Also, did you do this recently?

    I know there was another thread about this, but I thought CSR's had put a stop to this upgrade. If you were able to accomplish this recently, any info would help.

    I'm finally ready to take the Treo 600 plunge!
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    20 days ago when I called. Now I have a SPrint Business account (me and my wife for our business). The credit for $ 150 I did 3 days ago.
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    mgauss....thanks so much for this saved me $500....Even though I am going to say alot of things you were able to sum up very nicely, I felt an example might help others looking to do the same thing....

    After reading the post about "How I got my Treo 600 for $50" I tried it and thus far, it seems to have worked! For those with T300's that are still under warranty, all you have to do is:

    - Call CS and get yourself transferred to account retention department. You don't actually have to make a "threat"...just say you are considering cancelling acccount. If they don't do it, call back again until they do.

    - Once there, say something about having crappy hardware, not sure if you want to stay with sprint because of it, blah blah blah

    - Then say you want to upgrade to T600 but don't want to lose all your money that you spent on T300.

    - Then mention that since your T300 is still under warranty, is there any way to upgrade and recoup the money spent on the T300 and have it applied toward the purchase of the T600.

    Once I said "warranty" and "upgrade"....she said yes I have the option to do this. I asked a couple times just to make sure I was understanding the following statement correctly.....I will have a $599 charge on my next billing statement. When I get the new phone and the return kit, I will send back the T300 and when its received, I will get a credit for $399. BTW, her computer was telling her that the phone will ship out in 3-5 days!??! Not going to hold my breath about that one though....

    I am not under contract so maybe thats why they offered me this deal??? I don't know, but its worth a shot. Personally I will extend my contract for only 1 year and get another $100 off....2 years is gonna get me $150 off, but if Handspring releases something even better next year, I'd rather not be under a contract when they do, so that maybe Sprint will do the same thing again? Good Luck
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    Mgauss, acande1, thanks for the tips. I will be doing this in the next few days. I'm a little busy this week, so here's hoping that this still works come Friday.

    acande1: how recently did you accomplish this? We're you able to do it on your first try?

    Incidentally, I was in a Sprint store today paying my bill, and they had a demo unit out. This was my first time seeing it in person. Didn't take me anytime to be used to the new keys. Maybe I have girly hands?

    Oh yeah, to anyone looking to cash in Best Buy credit on previously purchased insurance in the Orange County, CA area: I was in the Costa Mesa store this evening. While they didn't have their demo unit out, I was able to sneek up behind a rep as he looked at the box. They were sold out, but I asked if they expected any by Friday. He and another rep both confirmed that they were expecting a shipment to come in TONIGHT (Monday, October 27). If you are looking for a BB Treo 600, I would call the Costa Mesa store first thing tomorrow morning, have them hold one for you, and pick it up as fast as humanly possible!
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    I tried this today Oct 27 (Mon). I guess you could say
    it worked on the first try because I only called once, however, she kept offering me the same $399 deal over and over. I told her that I could get the same deal direct from handspring, what is Sprint prepared to do to beat that offer and keep me as a customer?

    Like I said, the desired response trigger is: my T300 is under warranty...I want to upgrade but not lose all of my T300 investment...I want to know if a credit for my T300 can be applied to the purchase of T600. After that, I did not have to say/do much else, nor did I have to ask what the amount of my credit would be, she told me it would be $399...once I sent back my T300 of course....

    Let us know how it goes...
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    I was told that I had to be a customer for at least 18 months to be eligible for this promo. To me, this sounds like BS since the Treo warranty is only good for 1 year, so I'm going to call again, for the fourth time today.

    I'm starting to lose my patience. These people are definitely giving me the run around, probably because I have been very nice over the phone. Well, no more mister nice guy, the gloves are coming off.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know, no dice on the upgrade for me.

    Finally talked to someone in retention. Unfortunately, he was very smooth at understanding that many people get transferred to that department trying to get the world from Sprint. So he wouldn't give me jack because he felt like I was bluffing. Can't say I blame him, I really don't plan on leaving sprint, at least until the end of the month when number portability goes into effect. He was good, and he caught me in a technicality, so had no place to go.

    I guess my heart wasn't in it, otherwise I would've just stayed on the phone until I got what I wanted from him. I could've finessed him, but I realized it wasn't worth it. The second it became apparent that dealing with Sprint would be more of a hassle than ordering through Handspring's upgrade program, and putting my own 300 on ebay, I let him wrap up his conversation with me, and ended it.

    With all my accessories and Treo 300 specific software that I can't take with me to the 600, I hope to get $150 for it. Sign a 1 year contract with Sprint, that's another $100. That brings my total upgrade price right at $200 (including S&H and tax on the 600), so I come out the same.

    Off topic, but I was really impressed with the guy's performance. Professional sales is a battle of wits, and rarely do people really understand what a true salesman is doing to them, until its too late. This guy was sharp and he had guts. Although he didn't give me what I wanted, I take solace in the fact that not everyone at Sprint is a total moron. And a warning to others... Do not expect anyone at Sprint to roll over for you just because you say you want to cancel service. You may end up swimming with a shark...

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