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    I called sprint and told them I wanted to "upgrade my 300" which was "under warranty" to a 600. They billed me $ 599, and sent me a Fedex envelope where I sent back my 300 and got a credit for $ 399.

    That cost $200. I called and extended my contract another 2 years and they gave me a $150 credit.

    SO the 600 cost me $ 50.

    Now I have a real battery, and I spend like 4 hours and the batt is at half, I have a 256 meg sd card with 50 songs, a great mp3, a camera that helped me take pics of my mom's crashed lexus "cause i had the camera with me", the internet browser DOES work 5 times faster!!!

    Yeah baby!
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    I think this program is over. It was active for less then a week, and then they canceled it and now they pretent it never happened. When did you do it ? what number did you call ?
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    Well, to make a long story short, let me sum up my experience for you.

    The hinge on my 300 was beginning to break (my 4th 300). They usually send a refurb model for warranty exchanges (I didn't buy a refurb and I have an issue with them sending me one, but that's for another forum).

    When it started, I called those "friendly" folks at *2. I told them I would like to have an upgrade to the 600 and that I would pay the difference. They told me to go to the store (45 minutes away -- not really "local") and I did. The store said, nope has to be done through *2. This went back and forth for several days the same way.

    New Sprint Store opened 2 blocks away and they said the same thing.

    Now, having done this for a week, I was getting rather perturbed. Got to *2 again and got the same run around. I asked the CSR for their login id. Dead silence. Me: Your login id, please and let me speak to your supervisor. She gave it to me, put me on hold for 30 minutes (had to plug in my 300, or the battery would've died, LOL ) and got to speak to a supervisor.

    Asked for his login id, got it and he told me that what the CSR said was wrong (duh). The store has to do it, not them. I asked him to put it on the notes of my account with a "V01" code. This moves it to the top.

    Back to the store. They look at the notes, look at me, and say OK. They went and pulled one of their 2 Treo 600's in stock, rang it up for $599 and gave me a credit for $499 (my original purchase price). They provisioned the phone (including Vision) and I walked out within a half-an-hour, Treo 600 in hand.

    Now, this taught me some lessons:

    1. Always ask for the CSR's login id (usually all numbers), if the CSR asks, tell them you need it to report the level of service you receive on this call (make sure you do it too, good as well as bad)

    2. Get the supervisor's login (usually with their first name in it) and have them document your account and use the V01 reference.

    3. The store will make the final decision, but stand your ground, don't get greedy, and be nice ... they will try to help you as much as they can.

    4. Don't expect anything for free, if it costs more expect (and offer) to pay the difference.

    5. Buy the insurance ... it eliminates most of the problems.

    Hey, it's how I got my Treo 600 for $100 the same day (well, almost).

    Good luck ....

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    Bah. I basically tried the same thing. They wouldn't budge, stating that while they *know* that the phone has an unresolved defect, giving me a repaired T300 is the best they would do. This is with the hinge already broken and such. It's annoying.

    The worst part is when I told them that I'd just have to move my number to Cingular, and I was pretty much told that that was fine by them.
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    What about if you purchased your 300 from ebay? Can this work. Im not sure on the warranty, but mine says Aug 2002 on the *677 or whatever number that is screen. And it was refurbished from sprint due to a replacement, as I was told by the seller. Any info would be GREATLY apprechiated.!!
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    Originally posted by RaptorCK
    The worst part is when I told them that I'd just have to move my number to Cingular, and I was pretty much told that that was fine by them.
    They're not looking at the big picture which is to make money selling razor blades (monthly rates) not razors (phones). Smartphones are not their bread and butter so I bet they get their thrills by being tough with smartphone whiners.

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