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    Whenever I try to connect to buisness connection I get error 300 which just says to hit ok and try again. Setup the account over 12 hours ago and have been recieving it since then. Any ideas since I can't seem to find what error 300 means.
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    recordond - Which device are you using? 300 or 600?

    Are you able to see your email via the Webmail interface?

    What is the version number on your device... you can find this from clicking on Mail -> Settings -> About Bizconn.

    Also what is the version on your Desktop Software for Business Connection from the Help -> About screen.
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    Treo 600

    I have used the web interface to setup my PCS mail account for now. I will in the end be using it to access an IMAP account. I am on a Mac which isn't on all the time and thus have not installed the desktop software as I figured that since I only intend to use it for an IMAP account I would not need it, I think this could however be my problem.

    Biz Conn vesion is 6.0.6257

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    recordond - I'm not sure that IMAP access will work without the the Desktop Connector and Software. I know POP will work though. Let me do some checking among friends to see what I can come up with given you are trying to use a MAC and would not be able to install the PC BC software.
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    recordond - Is the Email server you are trying to access behind your corporate firewall and not publicly available? If it is behind the firewall and not public via the typical IMAP ports then you will have to have the PC sofware in place as it does the work of playing glorified relay station for the email to get in and out.

    If your IMAP server is public then you should be able to get access to it just from the Web settings.
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    It is publically availiable. I havn't set it up yet as I was trying it out first with my Vision e-mail account, I will try adding my IMAP and see how that does. Thanks for the help.
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    What I forgot to mention is to configure it via the web if it is public and then click on the Inbox from the Web interface as that serves as a good connectivity test outside of your device.
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    Whoohoo! It is working. Thanks.
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    Great to hear. I assume it was just a matter of configuring through the Web interface?
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    Originally posted by MobileGhost
    Great to hear. I assume it was just a matter of configuring through the Web interface?
    Yep, once I setup my IMAP account it worked fine.

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