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    i saw on the box SD/MMC.
    and did some research on the net, both selling about the same price, MMC is lighter by half a gram.
    Transfer speeds for SD : 2mb/s
    transfer sppeds for MMC: read: 14mb/s, write 3 mb/s

    now now, who will buy the SD over the MMC, someone pls explain?
    has it something to do with write protection and security as the name suggests?

    i'm in a dilemma, saw a hagiwara 256 sd and mmc selling online for USD85 each and wanna get them.
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    I can vouch that the Treo supports both SD and MMC (I have both here.) In fact, all SD compliant devices should support MMC, it is just not true the other way around because of the physical difference (MMC is thinner... My Canon miniDV supports MMC but SD won't fit in !)

    As far as the speed goes, I haven't done any test but now I will
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    As I understand it SD is faster then MMC

    This maybe important when you load your card full of mp3 files
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    Hi, there was also something else mentioned in the article you have the link for. Apparently SD cards are thicker than MMC crads. Would that mean that MMC cads may come out easier? I have no idea if this is true, as I only currently own one card, which is a scandisk 512 that I got at ecost for $149. take care, jay

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