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    I found a good site with some cool midi files.

    From your Treo 600 phone, go to Web, then type in the following address:

    you can go to a category or do a search for the song you want. Then you want to click the "Play" link for the song. Your Treo 600 browser will then ask you if you want to download. Click Yes. You have now downloaded the ringer onto your phone.

    One full week with the Treo 600. Still love it!
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    by the way, other their screensavers category, you can also save those as wallpapers for your Treo 600.

    I now have Knight Rider, Super Man, Star Wars, and some other songs downloaded to my Treo. Let me know if anyone else is able to do this. Treo 600 can save any .mid files as ringers. This is a great update from the 300 I had
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    Unfortunately, this link does not work. It takes you to the page, but you have to register to the site before you can do anything.

    Me? I've registered to enough sites that I'm a little tired of having to do that...

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    I registered at the site. Could not get to the area to download ringers no matter what I did in 2 different browsers even after logging in. I was able to do so on my Mac, but in order to download the files, it asks for a donation. No thanks. Not free! Buh Bye.
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    I can't get this to work from my Treo 600. I log in, it accepts my login, I go to "download ringers", but then I'm given the "access denied" screen. (and yes, I have cookies enabled on the Blazer browser).
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    I logged on just fine last night. I tested downloading a couple of ringers and it worked fine. I had already registered on my PC before trying to access the site on my 600. Don't know if that makes any difference though.
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    ok guys! Here's what you do to get the FREE ringtones. Again, I stress the free part

    OK, first you need to register. It is free, but you need to register. If this is not fine with you, then no freebie for you. Sorry.

    Once you register, then you can use your phone and go to the site. Login with your Treo 600. Once you login, click on Ringtones. Then select the category you want or search for a song. Once you find the song you want, at the very right column of the song, there should be a PLAY link. Click on the PLAY link, and it will give you a link to download the song. You can then download it to your Treo. Yes it is free. It's like playing the sample midi file, but instead of sending it to your regular cellular phone you're downloading it to your Treo.

    If it doesn't work, then you must be doing something wrong. Let me know if anyone still has problems.
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    Worked for me. Thanks.
    Treo 600
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    this website has somewhat cool songs, but not close to as cool as .
    All their songs rock, like the final countdown. DL it.
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    I got the files to work now. Thanks Jackofspades, and for anyone who's as literal as I am, here's what worked for me:

    1. Register (on your desktop or via the 600)

    Then on the 600:

    2. Log in, but do NOT check the "remember me" box

    3. Scroll down to the "Search" box and input a tone name (I ended up finding a tone I liked on my desktop, then searching for the file name on the 600, lather, rinse, repeat. Actually, if you want more than one ringtone, bookmark the page on the 600 where you're already logged in and have the search box.)

    4. Scroll down to find the ringtone and click "Play"

    5. Wait for the next page to load fully, then click "Click Here." (If nothing happens, reload, wait, and click.)

    6. Click "Yes" to download.

    7. Click "Open" (NOT "save")

    8. Change the name, if you want, and click "OK"

    9. You can check the ringtone here (some are way too soft to be functional ringers), then click "OK"

    10. Go back to Blazer and use the bookmark you created in step 3 to bypass the log in process.


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