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    my wife has a sprint phone and I have a treo 300. My treo and her phone are one the same bill, but there is no contract or commitment. what's the cheapest way to get her a treo? does sprint have some sort of retention program where they'll make me a deal on a treo to keep both of us? or am I better off buying one on ebay?
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    unless its brand new...unused AND under warranty.
    i made the mistake of buying a used one. the lid done broke and none of the sprint stores nor handspring are willing to fix/replace it.

    if i were you i would give your wife the 300 and get yourself an upgrade...or vice versa.
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    right? Looking for something cheaper ... the 300 is more than good enough.
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    What I did is I upgraded to the T600 and gave my wife the T300. She had the n400 and she now loves the T300 and I LOVE my T600.
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    Send picture of wife.
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    SIMPLE, UPGRADE OF AN UPGRADE. Read my previous threads, I will let you know how I did what I did next week when I get it Monday or Tuesday. Im not gonna count my chicken before it hatch. To give you a clue, I went to a local Sprint Sales And Service Store.
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    no go withthe sprint rep re the hundred dollar phone. I guess I can still try the local sprint store or ebay. one more question. if she gets a treo, do we still get to share minutes? or is having two data phones with unlimited internet access on the same plan not allowed? any two treo families out there? which plan(s) are you on?
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    Our Personal Business plan 2000 anytime - unlimited wireless lets us share the unlimeted wireless as well over 5 phones.

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