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    Anyone ever hear of this card? I can't find reviews anywhere. has them on sale for $49 after rebate. (256MB)
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    You might want to read some reviews. I read somewhere that not all SD cards are created equal and that some are more SD compliant than others.

    But if that's a good brand, it's a fantastic deal.
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    I bought one of these cards from Unfortunately, what they sent to me damaged my SD card reader. The SD card that they sent to me was identified by Handspring as the type that can damage the Treo. Visit this website for more information: I just wish that I had read this before inserting the card.

    After talking with Smart, I learned that their newer SD cards are compatible and that they no longer supply the non-compliant cards.

    Let the buyer beware!
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    I guess I got lucky then. I bought one and it has the notches, the write protect switch and all the right markings. It has been fine in my reader and never once caused a problem in the Treo. I had no idea that was even on the Handspring website. Thanks for the link.
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    You are lucky and I am unlucky.

    My Treo 600 still works OK, I can play MP3s with no problem. However, I no longer hear the sounds when my SD card is inserted or removed. I don't know whether this indicates a more serious problem or not. Only time will tell.

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