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    For those who have the Nutshell case for their old Treo 300, here's a tip for yas. Nutshell doesn't yet offer a seperate version of their Treo case for the T600. When I emailed them last month they didn't say they had plans to make a seperate version. Now that I have the 600, I've emailed them and let them know that the 600 is way to loose in the 300's case.

    Since I love the Nutshell case, I took it to a friendly shoe repair place. I had them simply run a stitching up both sides of the case exactly 1/4 of an inch in from the edge on both sides. Now the 600 slides in and out with just enough snugness that it doesn't come out on its own. Note, that I don't use the top strap since I cut it off long ago. No need for it if the Treo doesn't bounce out. It's a pain to fiddle with anyway and almost makes you drop it when you're putting it in with one hand and trying to lift the strap at the same time.

    The shoe repair guy only wanted $2 but I gave him a $10 since he was super helpful and did it in about 3 minutes while I waited.

    Another option is to just run the stiching up on one side about 1/2 inch. That way you might be able to even slip in a thin pen between the stichings so you always have a pen with you. BTW, I've emailed and they said they are working on a pen/stylus combo for the T600. I hope they hurry since I used the one for my T300 a lot.
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    Did not have a Nutshell for my T300 but did have one from CaseTechWorks that I loved. They emailed me last week that they are working on 3 designs for the T600. A new web site,, will be up in a couple of weeks

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