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    Ordered the audio adapter on Monday from HS. Choose the cheap shipping - $11.00 was enough to pay for a little adapter they should have included in the box! Supposedly shipped on Tuesday - but no tracking info - I guess cause it's the cheapo shipping. I figured they probably sent it USPS and I'd have it by Friday. Well it is now Saturday and still not here. :-(

    Anyone else order JUST the adapter? How was it shipped and how long to reach you?

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    Can anyone tell me what the Radio Shack part number is for the Audio Adapter? I would like to get another one and don't want to get another expesive Handspring one. I know you have to trim down the plastic. BTW, the Radio Shack Car Cassette Adapter works perfectly with the Treo. Sony and JVC do not work. Can anyone explain why?

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    I ordered just the adapter from Handspring and chose standard shipping also. I had it USPS mail in 3 days...but I live in Washington and Handspring is in California.

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    Originally posted by rc46
    Can anyone tell me what the Radio Shack part number is for the Audio Adapter?...
    #274-397 or #274-373

    either should work.

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