Argh! With Blazer 3 on the 600 you can't go to a web site's .jpg image and just view the image. Instead you're prompted if you want to "save" the picture or not. If you say Yes, then it saves it and takes you to the Picture viewer app. If you say No, it doesn't do anything. Didn't have this problem on the T300.

I frequently like to go to webcam sites. I create bookmarks and point the Treo Browser to just the .jpg image. This is so I don't have to load a page with a bunch of other junk on it that also wants to refresh the image constantly. And you have to scroll down or switch to another frame to view the image.

For example: Go to this web address. On the T300 you would be able to see the image. Now, on the T600, you have to save the image before you can see it. And you've left the Browser app.

What Blazer should do is, if you say "No" (don't save it), then it should display it. Seems like a bug? If you do this with a .Gif image, it works fine. Seems it has some logic in there for .jpg images so you can download them. But it should still let you view them in the Browser!

Does anyone know of a way to get Blazer to just display a .jpg image on the web, if you point your browser to the .jpg and not a html file? Thanks.