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    I love my treo 600 but Tarascon (medical drug database similar to epocrates) crashes- anyone else with this same problem? I hate to say it but I'm so dependent on that one program that I'm seriously reconsidering my t600 purchase. JJZ
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    On the medical front:
    ePocrates works
    Sanford Guide does not (and might not until 2004)
    Johns Hopkins ID guide works
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    I use Tarascon frequently, too. It was a big disappointment to see it freeze (and if you used Tools...crash) the Treo 600.

    USBMIS, the programmers who applied Tarascon to the Palm operating system, reports that they are aware of the problem. They relate it to incompatibility problems with the operating system. They didn't say if it was Treo 600 specific, though, I suspect it is, as I have heard of no other instances of Palm OS 5.2 problems.

    I'm patiently waiting for a fixed solution. I think I'll email them to offer my assistance as a "beta-tester".

    Tarascon will add time to your account until the problem is fixed, or will credit your account for your purchase.

    The email address is:

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