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    or not?
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    you mean the last OS5 smartphone or treo line? Palmsource said they are working on an OS5 version specifically designed for smartphones, so my guess is no. I'd bet the next treo will be OS 5.whatever.
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    Actually, I think I read somewhere that the next Treo will definitely be OS 6... But IJITSU is right about PalmSource developing an OS 5.x phone edition. I presume there will be various OS 5 phone Ed smartphones from various manufactures...
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    i took it that he meant the "os".

    is the os in he treo 600 the latest os5 or is there anewer version?
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    Originally posted by bumberbee
    or not?
    Yes, i wouldn't expect OS 6 Treo for another year.
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    I believe the Treo 600 uses 5.2.1H, but I think theres also 5.3 which has just been released.
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    Palm OS 5.3 has been released, but it is only to support Simplified Chinese and 240x320 screens (1.5x density). There aren't any OS improvements that matter on the current Treo 600 hardware.
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    Ah, I didn't read the post correctly. No, the OS isn't the latest available. It's been tweaked by Handspring, though, which is why there is an "H" at the end. The tweaking I believe is related to the specifics of the phone such as the enhancement of the 5way- which I love.

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