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    hi all, the there's no settings we can adjust with our built in camera huh.

    also the pictures that i take happen to be too blue and very noisy with a lot of blue/white spots all around, is that normal.

    i just replaced my first set of 600 after 1 day and i'm into 2 days with my second set. the first one had a bad speaker but i swear i;ve taken clearer shots with that camera. this one's a lemon?

    are your photos very noisy with blue/white spots around.

    taken indoors that is, outdoors it's quite ok.
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    The camera is suited for well lit and outdoor shots. In poor light the shots are grainy and blue tinted. CMOS style cameras behave in this way.
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    next time do a search.....theres at least 50 threads on it

    in indoors, the qualitof light is worse than it is as a result in poor lighting or indoor lighting pixels are white and blue.
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