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    It's seeming like there's a gap in the market for cases, which isn't suprising considering how new the Treo 600 is.

    Here's what I'm looking for...

    A simple "skin" that protects the sides, back, top and bottom of my Treo from scratches or major damage from dropping, yet permits access to all features/functions almost as if it wasn't in a case at all. It should:

    - Not cover the keys or the screen (I'll get a screen protector for that).

    - Allow free access to ALL buttons, ports, both speakers and the microphone.

    - Be as thin as possible yet offer mild protection from the elements (scratches/light falls).

    - Allow putting the Treo in Handspring's docking cradle without having to remove it from the skin (if possible).

    Does anyone think there's a large market for something like this, or is it just me? Or, is there something out there already?
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    Most designs are very functional. Their Treo 600 case is coming soon.
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    Originally posted by Mordeloth

    Most designs are very functional. Their Treo 600 case is coming soon.
    Those are some VERY pretty cases!
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    The Vaja cases are nice. I like their Ultra clip. I have two things I would like. I too would like a skin to protect the phone as the original poster is loooking for. I have found the 600 slippery I would then like a horizontal case to hold the 600. I am not worried about being able to see the screen. I would rather have screen protection and have to pull it out to look to see who is calling. In addition, I need a plastic clip for the belt, which is more secure like Vaja's, unlike the leather covered clips that seem to be on alot of cases

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    patiently waiting for same....
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    Actually, I feel the perfect case (in perfect, I mean blending both usability and protection in one) should be like the Form Fit Case with one change - instead of the clear plastic film obstructing the screen area, have a clear acrylic front that flips upwards; for those moments when you just have to use the touchscreen.

    The flip lid would be something like this:

    Some might argue against having plastic protection over the keyboard, but hey, it is still usable, and protection is more important IMO.
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    I want a hardcase like the scribble/proporta one I have already for my 100 series pilot.
    I wrote to them asking about the possibilities of them offering one for the Treo 600.

    Their reply

    We don't currently have plans to produce anything but its not impossible
    that we will in the future.

    Keep an eye on the website for further developments in the next quarter.

    Many thanks and sorry we can't be of more help at this time.

    With kind regards
    Katie Reid, Sales Administrator - Proporta Ltd.
    - - -

    Anyone any ideas?
    <img src="">
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    I'm looking for the same, plus a holster just big enough for the phone and wrapper that I can quickly click it into and out of. I'm living with the HS case - $10 from eBay as an interim to prevent damage - but I hate the thickness of the clip - the whole phone sticks out an inch from my waist.

    If I could take that case, cut out the plastic covering the front (which I'll probably do - the G2 screen protector is great), give access to the reset hole and speaker, and make it tight enough so the strap/button over the top is not needed, it would be near perfect.

    I'm still waiting, as I am for the perfect earpiece (awaiting Skull Candy's promised unit, with the 3.5mm plug-in for my Etymotics)
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    Navin, you should look into a screen protector (like the Boxwave ClearScreen) and eGrips. Between those two the screen is protected and the back and sides are protected from scratches and as a bonus you've got the excellent eGrips sticky factor. If you don't clip your treo onto your belt, it's the next best thing to a naked Treo

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