I have the Superior form-fit case, and while I like just about everything about it, I have the following issues... has anyone gotten around them?

- The large 'button' on the back which attaches to the belt clip makes IR hotsyncing virtually impossible, because the Treo won't lay down flat and still... it wobles around and loses sight of the IR port on my Dell D600. I wish it could be unscrewed and removed. I may even cut it out; I don't use the belt clip, so it won't really make a difference if I don't have it I suppose.

- There is no "eye" for the IR port to transmit data through unless you unsnap the latch that holds the Treo (and my SD card) in the case.

- Last, I'm assuming while in the form-fit case, the Treo won't sit in HandSpring's HotSync cradle... you'd need to remove it, right??

Anyone have other suggestions for cases that overcome some of these issues? The Bellagio case looks nice, but don't like the idea of a flip-cover.... just seems like that would get in the way of quickly accessing the phone if you got a call. I could always cut off the cover, but on a $50 case???