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    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet. I tried installing it on my T600, and it seems to connect, but then no sound output. Maybe the Treo is missing a file? Just thought I'd let those interested know that someone besides MMPlayer is trying to produce a shoutcast client for Palms.
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    Oh, wow -- this is a very cool idea: using the Treo as a web-based transistor radio. On the other hand (take note here, darkhorse82) this software is being made available for a kind of public beta testing, so it'll be no surprise if it's spotty.

    Basically, darkhorse82, thanks for the heads up on the project but you'll want to direct your comments about the software's performance to their list:
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    If you read the developers site, he has a specific roadmap outlined. Right now, the HandStream app is only capable of fetching the Shoutcast playlist. It can't yet actually play the stream.
  4. #4 is a great site that allows streaming to your mobile device or pc.. many "stations or channels" of varying music genres
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