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Handspring's parting shot, the Treo 600, is one of the better blends of phone and PDA that we've seen to date.

The good: Improved battery life; built-in VGA camera; SDIO expansion slot; speakerphone; runs Palm OS 5.1; one-handed navigation; supports multiple e-mail accounts; world phone.

The bad: Cramped keyboard; display isn't high resolution; headphone jack isn't standard size.

By John Morris, October 21, 2003

No other company has done more to advance the concept of the all-in-one communicator than Handspring with its innovative Treo line. Though it will soon be subsumed by Palm, Handspring is still shaking things up with the Treo 600, a wholly new design that adds a camera, an expansion slot, and other new ingredients to an already potent blend of phone and wireless PDA. The big news isn't that the Treo 600 can do all this--other devices can too. It is that the Treo 600, which will be available from Cingular, T-Mobile, and Sprint for about $500 with service, does all of them well.

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