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    Thanks for the info, but why would one want an alternative? Verichat is a very nicely written, reliable - COLOR - application that allows for sticky sessions and the integration of SMS for receipt of messages while in other apps or on the phone...

    Just my .02c.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Any idea how it compares? Verichat has been giving me tons of problems recently so I'm looking for alternatives. I hate having to reconnect everytime I switch out of it, and sometimes people's IMs don't go through to my phone.
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    I am trying to find one that does not cost anually. I know the one I posted does but did not see that until after i posted. Why is there an anual charge? Trillian does the same thing for the desktop an they have a free version. Just seems wrong to pay that much per year to use free services.
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    Chatter will be released within the next two weeks. IM plus IMAP eMail (if desired)... More information around TC - if you search. Or ask for comments from current users...

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    Verichat isn't free because you're actually connecting through their proxy servers. This is what allows you to exit the Verichat app but still stay logged into the chat-services.

    When you receive a message the Verichat proxy server will SMS you with any IMs .

    So Verichat is really both an application and the proxy service.
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    Chatter is awesome and is coming very soon. you should consider giving it a try.

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    From what I read, both Verichat (currently use) and Chatter both require annual subscriptions. In addition, I see nothing really different between the two. So, I'll stick with Verichat. It works great for my wife and I.
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    Just a note... Chatter doesn't have an annual subscription. And they are VERY, VERY different!

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    Check the link and read closely. It states:

    The price of this product includes the first year of service and any version upgrades of the client within this year.


    Originally posted by mblank
    Just a note... Chatter doesn't have an annual subscription. And they are VERY, VERY different!


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