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    I have done some pretty intensive reading in numerous posts here regarding the Treo 600's ridiculous lack of handwriting recognotion. However I have not actually been able to determine which of the available options is the best bet.

    Going from an old school palm using jot 1.0, we decided to try the free NewPen. It worked well the first day, then seemed to stop working. Also the english documentation is sparse and evrything else in Japanese. So we were to even able to figure out some of the keystrokes.

    What is the consensus among those of you who have found a reasonable solution to writing on your new 600?

    NewPen? Is there a keystroke chart?
    Graffiti 2?
    Jot Complete (is it worth the $39?)
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    I tired new pen and it does not work all the time, does not work w/ Doc to Go and a couple others.

    There was a thread about getting grafftii (the origninal ) to work, I may try to find it for you if I get time and link it here.
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    I was using Jot on my T300 with Grafitti mode. The old version did not work on the T600 so I was able to upgrade to 2.x for free.

    Jot is worth the $ IMO. However, Grafitti mode with Jot does not work on the T600 but the Jot mode is very good.
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    You will find that even when driving you'll use the keyboard instead of graffitti but it is great to install it to feel "complete"

    and NewPen is free! It works great! Install the latest version, which is two files
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    NewPen is 2 files? I was not aware of that. That may be why mine stopped working. What are these 2 files and also is there a keystroke chart?
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    Try this link Graffiti 2 tips .
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    thanks for the pdf link. that answered alot of my questions about 2 stroke letters.
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    Does newpen support Graffiti or Graffiti 2? It appears to be the former as far as I can tell. Confused.
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    Originally posted by dkaye
    Does newpen support Graffiti or Graffiti 2? It appears to be the former as far as I can tell. Confused.
    I would appear that it uses which ever is native to the device. So on a Treo 300 it would use Graffiti. While on the 600 it would be Graffiti 2.

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