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    Okay first of all... I LOVE my treo 600.


    I really hate my treo 600 when writing e-mails. Maybe it's ignorance and someone can show me the errors of my ways.

    Now to the problem at hand:

    1.) WHY is there no cache for when you are browsing the web? Why does the blazer thing have to reload a page each and every single time I have to go back in my history??? Do they thing the page is going to change in that short amount of time?

    2.) WHY is the 'launcher' button right next to the space bar and under the letters 'n', 'm' and the period (all of which are disputedly the most used buttons on a keyboard).

    3.) WHY are their no keyboard shortcuts? (I've griped about this before.) I could be a-hell-of a lot faster at writing e-mails if I didn't have to even use my stylus.

    Now, these three things make for a bad experience writing emails.

    Today as I was writing an e-mail, almost at the end, I accidentally pressed the 'launcher' key while trying to type a 'period' and subsequently deleted my e-mail and had to begin again by scratch because there is no cache to remember my last page saved. Also, the next time that I tried to send the same e-mail it soft-reset! I just gave up and waited until I got home to write it.

    At moments like that I wonder if POS stands for something else. Handspring could learn a thing or two about the iPod. It's a great seller, not only because of it's looks and it's capacity, but more for it's USER-INTERFACE. It's ease of use, intuitivness, it's functionality. Handspring needs to do a lot of work to make the Treo 600 a success in my opion. But it's the best thing out there that I've found regardless of it's faults.
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    what email client are you using? SnapperMail won't do this. In the middle of writing an email, you can go to another application, copy some text, come back to SnapperMail, (right back to the email you were typing) and paste!
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    I'll have to try Snapper Mail, thanks.

    Although I wish there was a way to get a cache on the previous webpages visited, I wouldn't mid killing 5megs of the memory for this. Does anyone know if there is another browser that does this?
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    I do agree with the browser cache problem. That did NOT happen on the Treo 300! It shouldn't RELOAD every single page from the web! The Treo 300 kept the pages cached in memory, until you switched to a different page!

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