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    [In case anyone else has the same problem:]

    I've had a 270 for some time now that has had the proplem of colored lines running horizontally across the screen.

    It's apparently a somewhat common problem and there are two fixes that I've seen discussed:
    1. The case screws are too tight.
    2. The internal ribbon connector is not seated properly.

    I had experimented with loosening the screws, but it never made a difference. So I took the unit apart to try the ribbon connector idea. Didn't make a difference either. But while I was in there I noticed that there are two screws inside the unit that hold the display assembley to the main circuit board. Loosening them only very slightly made the problem go away immediately and it has not returned since.
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    I had mine replaced because it was still under warranty.
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    I've had the same problem with my 270, although it's only one line, and it just happens to match the color exactly of that part of the screen of the Backgammon game I play quite often.

    I just figured I burned it in.

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    I have a line, and now a second one is developing. I say, "developing", because, as with the first, it starts out as a thin colored line, and then becomes a thicker black line (that's what happened with the first).

    I am very intrigued by the above fix and will give it a shot.

    Where's my 600!?

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