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    Hi all,

    Yesterday HS emailed me saying my order status had changed. It went from "Order Received" to "Awaiting Shipment." I expected it to ship sometime today, but so far it hasn't. I got curious as to whether my credit card had actually been charged yet, since they obviously weren't ready to ship yet. I figured it probably had been charged, since it looks like the credit card approval process precedes the "Awaiting Shipment" status, but you never know.

    Anyway, I decided to quickly check my bank statement online just now. I didn't find anything labeled "Handspring" or "Sprint" or even "FedEx." What I did find were some strange charges attributed to:


    One in the amount of $706.48 from my checking acct (I used my debit card), and a strange transfer from my checking overdraft protection into my checking acct of $40 also attributed to this mysterious entity. I had more than enough $$ in the acct to cover even this weird charge, so I'm not sure why it dipped into overdraft.

    The only thing I could think of was that this was some sort of charge relating to the T600 that I had ordered. My total order amount from HS was only $439.74 - I only ordered the T600 and the headphone adapter, plus tax and overnight shipping. But maybe they put extra $$ on there temporarily for some reason?

    Has anyone else checked their bank records regarding their order? Did anyone happen to look at their records between the time that their card was initially charged and the time that the order actually shipped? I would love to know whether (a) this mysterious entity is HS, and (b) whether anyone else had this weird charge amount. If no one else has had this experience I am going to have to call my bank to investigate this.
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    <sorry - something weird happened there, not sure if I exceeded the max length or something...anyway, here's the end...>

    I don't want to get burned by fraud, so I want to move on this ASAP if it's not legit. Unfortunately the bank isn't open again until Monday AM so I can't do anything about it this weekend anyway.

    Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any help.

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    PAYSYSTEMS handles payments for a lot of web services for places. Hosting, advertising, things like that. Probably other things, too...

    A few months ago I got a $250 or so paysystems charge on my card for something I didn't purchase... called my credit card company and got it taken care of.

    You can go to and put in your credit (debit) card number and the amount and they'll tell you what the purchase was for. They've already charged the card once, so there's no real harm in giving it to them again, I suppose. Definitely call the bank first thing Monday and tell them you didn't purchase it.
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    Ugh. OK, thanks very much for your help. At least now I know I need to deal with it...not looking forward to it, though. Oh well.


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