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    Hi All,

    Picked up a 256 MB Sandisk card from CostCo and am installing some mp3 files on it. I found one cool thing which surprised me...

    If you go into pTunes and start playing some mp3s, and then do a sync, the tunes will play pretty well (a skip here and there) in the background while you are syncing. That kinda surprised me - in a good way.

    Also, a few questions...

    Is there a program that y'all like that allows you to transfer files back and forth from the Palm internal memory to the card? I'm surprised that you can't natively do that. I don't even see a way to look at what files are on the card (from the Palm...)

    - Thanx
    - Jon
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    You will need a 3rd party app like Filez to view and modify the files on the SD card. It is freeware so be sure to get is a must have IMO.

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