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    On sale at Staples.....66.94. For those not living close to a Costco.


    "Because none of us are as dumb as all of us."
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    Just to report that I purchased the SD card at costo ($65) and a card reader for $15. Downloaded ptunes at registration time and everything has been working great. About 4 hours of audio at 128 kbps, the Treo makes a great MP3 player. Battery seems to hold up well.

    Next step is to replace the broken CD player in my car with a line in jack so the phone can play through the car stereo - does anyone have any recommendations of car CD player with aux in? Not as easy to find as I expected.
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    I recently added XM satellite radio to my car and had to do a pretty exhaustive search of headunits and Aux-inputs.

    I know that many of the Aiwa headunits had front Aux-in, here's a list from Crutchfield .

    I've never owned one, but a front-panel Aux-in sure looks convenient.

  4. #24 got a SanDisk 512MB card for $154.99 (as of 10/27/03):
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