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    I've been doing some research, and have yet to come up with any answer. Though OS5 supports SSL (as does blazer), I don't think this pertains to certificate based auth.

    Basically, our company provides web-based access to OWA and some other toold via a proxy that uses a 128-bit SSL certificate on the client side. Is there any way this can be used on the treo 600 or any other palm platform?

    much obliged.
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    I to am having issues with web based e-mail (Netscape Messenger, not OWA) and think that is has to do with the SSL support in Blazer. I have accessed 128-bit SSL sites, but my company uses a 56-bit SSL certificate from their own CA server. I read that Blazer 2.0 would only work with certificates from specific companies (Verisign and some of the other major CA providers). I am trying to find out if my company using its own CA could be the reason why I cannot connect to the companies web mail server.

    I can connect to this site using the emulator behind the firewall, but the emulator, nor the Treo 600 itself can not connect from the outside of the firewall. The SSL support is the only thing that I can come up with as to why I can not connect to this site.

    Anyone know of any SSL issues with the new Blazer?
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    Anyone find a way to add a cert to the Cert mgr DB for Blazer or WebPro so as to be able to install a cert that requires manual instalation?

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