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    Has anyone tried them side by side?

    I have been a palm user for years now, and I own a W. But I am drooling at the 600, mainly because of the built in speaker.

    I like the ease of making calls on the W (other than the speaker issue). It is intuitive, and very easy when making conference calls, etc.

    Will a move to the 600 be a side step, a step up, or a step down?
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    Originally posted by zrs70
    Will a move to the 600 be a side step, a step up, or a step down?
    As with most things...... it depends. You mentioned making phone calls on the W. Well, the Treo would be an obvious step up in this regard given the integrated speaker and a more phone-like form factor. But if you're more data-centric, the Treo could be a step down given it's low-res screen and tiny keyboard. I played with the W before it came out at Comdex and decided then that although the screen, keyboard, and other features were great, I needed a phone first, and that's why I use the Treo 600.

    Hope this helps.
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    Here're some picutres to give you a sense of form factor difference between T6 and Tw.

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    Probably the main reason I would not consider the W is that AT&T charges by the byte; if they had an unlimited plan, I might consider.
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    i had the tw when it first came out. it is a great looking unit with a fantastic screen. i had a great many dropped connections, however. using it as a phone is a big no thanks. i don't enjoy wearing an ear plug to make calls. and when calls come in to have to quickly find my ear plug in order to answer them is not good. the tw really is not a phone. it is a wireless pda that with the right service and plan can serve one very well.

    i prefer,however, the combo device of the treo.
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    My manager has a Tungsten W. He likes the phone but hates having to use the earpiece for any call. He love the look of my Treo 600. He was concerned about losing the 320x320 screen. He said that he also hates AT&T service and wants to go back to T-Mobile ASAP.

    He did mention that a "lid" was coming out for Tungsten W that would attach to it and make it very similar to the Treo 300 putting a earpiece in the lid. He is trying to decide if he wants to go with the lid and stay with AT&T or get the 600 and go back to T-Mobile.
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    the problem with thw tunsten w for me is that it is still running on palm 4.1. this way no mp3 player, etc. besides phone funtionality is quite poor in t w compares to t 600. I luv the keyboard n the screen resolution though. I believe the next generation treo would be a fusion between the two(thats probably the reason palm bought over handspring)
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    The Tungsten W operates only as a single (1900 mhz) band device in North America. The Treo 600 is quad band and can utilize both the 1900 and 850 spectrum that AT&T's GSM network operates on.

    Let everyone take due note. There is a day and night difference when using AT&T's network with a dual band device. This is a little known secret that I discovered through trial and error over this past year. If you use a device with 1900 only, you will experience more limited, unreliable coverage with AT&T GSM. If you are able to also pull an 850 mhz signal (where available) you will have very good reliability of coverage. In my experience there is no comparison and so it makes this Treo vs. Tungsten W question a no-brainer for me.

    To summarize: DO NOT USE A SINGLE BAND DEVICE ON AT&T'S GSM NETWORK!! You will regret it.

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