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    We here in Australia have yet to see the release. Expected to be 3rd Nov.

    The price is still under raps but in Singapore they have stated $1300 SGD which equates to around $1000 AusDollars but some companies down here have been advertising an estimate close to $1399 Aus Dollars.

    We have never done well with imports. To many fingers in the pie drive up the price.

    A few guys on the Australian Palm Users Group are trying to make magic and get a better price for us but importing from America might have to be an option if we want a unit below $1000 Aus.

    Does anyone have a suggestion.
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    reeflint -

    was this necessary? you already typed this same rant (word for word) in your other thread
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    Originally posted by Deacon

    Also, the population of this msg board doesn't represent all treo owners. Incidentally, I'm a 'treo newbie' (having migrated from a kyocera smartphone, and a seperate compaq ipaq). I know a few other people who are treo newbies who bought the phone, but don't frequent this board (yet!!). And I've seen quite a few "I'm a newbie" posts.
    I dont' see it. You can sense it in a forum if a product is really has long term prospect or just a week ol' hype. It's like a film screening. The first 2 weeks after introduction is like listening to the first ten minute of post screening murmurs. You can tell somehow if it's a box office hit, or it's time to call up damage control crew.

    smartphone is a complex piece of equipment, something sometimes bound to make a user post a help needed message. And you do observe that on the board, but they are mostly typical upgrade migration rather than total newbie.

    And no I don't believe treo buyers are the forum 'silent' majority. Smartphones users are internet savvy and very active online.

    Last hope: treo is one of those device with delayed peak after introduction. but that mmm... , after all fluffy reviews flood and road campaign?

    I hope Handspring damage control crew is working overtime.
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    Gentlemen and bleeding edge cohorts... I was once eagerly in the very forefront of the edge!!! Alpha & Beta testing for extremely progressive technologies (Discreet Logic, Apple, Digidesign & Avid). I did so willingly... but what was different then was the support that those companies gave and to this day continue to give.

    When you earn a living and have to rely on your tools to perform you quickly and sometimes not so quickly realize is that stability far out weighs COOL! This realization is also sometimes called "aging". Like I stated, I pre-ordered my 180 and signed up with Voicestream (I had had my Sprint # for 6 years) just to TREO. I too fall pray to gear lust!!! But damn, it really sucks to discover you phone has been crashed for the past hour when you are waiting for a very important client to call about a very important job. As far as I know Treo 600 does this still.

    Yes, I am an upset HS customer... I did once again fall victim to ordering a TREO Oct 8... waiting a week for the overnight package to arrive, checking the HS site every hour like a little *****... I finally got my unit just to learn that it was dead on arrival.

    Then I had to waste countless hours on the phone with the Customer Support Group of the Year "SPRINT" only to learn that they had none in stock to replace it with. So call HS the guys who sold it to me... and they say..."Sorry, not us" Call SPRINT. So I did again... Mind you, if you try to call HS you have to outsmart the voice promt system to talk to a real HS person... who will tell you that it's Sprints problem. //Repeat the above 3 times!!!!

    Fourtunately, someone on this board advised on how to break the secret voice system and demand a replacement... So, i did and they conceded. "Sorry Sir, We will get one out to you right away at our expense... overnight!!! Thank you for being a HS customer"!!! That kid slammed the phone down and laughed his *** off!!!! Replacement??? Sure, I give you a replacement! while he grabs his crotch!!!

    All I ask is that they be straight up and not transfer me or refer me and just send me a f&%#$ing TREO that works!!!!!

    Sorry guys... I have had a hard week. I think medication is in order.

    Cheers... I'm out.
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    I'm proud to say that I'm avoiding the new 600 for a good long time. From what I've been reading here for the past couples's a lot of freaking trouble. I've gotten used to the t300 problems.

    and for those that are wondering why no one's really buying this thing besides old treo owners...think about it. would you go out and pay $600 for a cell phone/pda when you could get just about any great cell phone nowadays for free?
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    I never purchased a treo 300 because I thought they looked ugly and they had mediocre reviews. This thing looks great and has great reviews. I have had my treo 600 for a week now and I absolutely love it. It replaced my Sony Clie and my samsung cellular phone.

    I love it. I am almost giddy about it. It is very nice having to carry one less device but I am doing much more with this device than I did with my pda and cellular phone separately.

    I would encourage anyone to purchase this device.
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    I don't know about you, but . . .

    my 600 works better than I could have hoped, and I love it. It is a great phone, e-mail device, web browser, video player, MP3 player, calendar, and more. Even the camera is okay, sometimes. The whole package fits in my pocket.

    I would give this device the highest recommendation to anyone considering it. Seriously.
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    After having a POS Samsung phone for 3+ years and an outdated Palm V for 5+ years, I treated myself to an upgrade: a Treo 600 w/ Sprint PCS for $250.00 after all the incentives.

    I told everyone I was going to upgrade when they finally made a Treo with a SD expansion slot. As a Palm V user for years, this is hugely important to me.

    I am literally STALKING the FedEx man waiting for it to arrive. I've been lurking around this bbs trying to get information, see everyone else's experiences prior to ordering, etc. And I finally registered today.

    I also purchased another Treo 600 for my BF, because I know he's going to have Treo envy when mine arrives and I want to avoid him "adopting" mine as his own.

    So there!
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    I don't know how you can say it's a heap of trouble. The only problem I've had is related to my bum USB hub. In every other way, this device has exceeded all my expectations. Coming from the Treo 300 I was expecting quite a few issues, but frankly, this thing is amazing.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    I hope Handspring damage control crew is working overtime.
    I think they are...but I hear that they transferred them temporarily into the shipping department!
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    I may be lucky, but I called and ordered my t600 two days after its release. I was a prevous HS Data link user that was attached to my prism. I ordered from Sprint and it arrived by UPS 3 days later. It did take 4 days for it to provision, but once it did, a week ago, the phone has worked flawlesslly. And oh yea, I sent back the replacement they immediately sent me when they thought there was a problem getting it provisioned.

    I love it. I use it in the following ways:

    1.As a phone it works great. One touch dialing, great speakerphone. It accesses my 3000 person outlook data base for dialing with 2 or 3 strokes of the blackberry like keyboard.

    2. I pick up both my office email which I have forwarded to my earthlink account, and I pick up my earthlink mail at the same time. I can read all attachments, word, excel, zipped files etc.

    3.I used it during a meeting to keep up with the Marlins victory on a website that gave me the play by play. I can follow this board.
    I can download programs and ringtones without having to sync to do it.

    4. I Play my mp3's whenever I want to hear a tune through a built in speaker that amazes my friends with its' clarity and volume. (I haven't even gotten the stero earphones yet)

    5. I use the built in financial calculator to solve my npv problems.

    6. I snap pictures of friends and attach them to their phone numbers so they pop up when they call.

    I have not even mentioned the 1000's of games and other applications to choose from to add to my "phone" for other enjoyment. But, needless to say, as far as I am concerned, the t600 is a great phone and HS has a homerun. I'm sure when it is easily available on Verizon, T-mobile and in Sprint stores, you will see this phone everywhere!
    GO MARLINS!!!!
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    i enjoy the 600, but lets be frank here. there are issues with the 600 and some of the more popular software apps.

    1. the vibrating battery is way to low. in a case, it can't be felt.
    2. the speaker phone on high is not clear and crisp it is as if it's been blown even though it hasn't.
    3.there's a rattle in the on off switch area.
    4. some very important supporting software still has a ways to go.
    a.snappermail a great email program does not consistantly provide audio alerts when the keyboard lock is on..
    b. treo alert another great app has yet to convert. i hope they've considered a way to alert when the keyboard lock is in play,
    c. there are a host of other apps that have not been treo 600 proofed. bigclock, graphitti 2, and others.

    and in a comparison of speed in downloading web pages my active 300 blows the 600 away. i understand it downloads pages differently, but i'm not sure i like it as well.

    regardless, i think and hope these issues are minor or can be solved in time.

    i won't sugar coat anything that doesn't deserve it, and right now i don't think the 600 deserves it.
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    No problems for me either. Not on my old 300 or the Treo 600. The thing is that you rarely hear people say that you love something, but when something isn't quiet 120% up to someone's hopes, they scream from the mountain tops.

    I have three friends who do not know each other who have gotten the Treo 600. One of them, from my recommendation, the other two were from things they've heard from one source or another. And I don't even know too many people.

    All of them are very happy with the phone. Two of my other friends said they'd switch in a second if it worked on Verizon.

    Only one of those friends visits this board. I think a better indication is the wait times to receive the Treo 600.
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    I too have been very impressed with the T600. My colleagues know I live on the bleading edge and always give a mixed review. Two were astounded enough at the praises I have been singing for the 600 that they went out and became T600 newbies -- switching to Sprint from Nextel and Verizon.

    Some of my praise does go to Sprint for better than expected reception (YMMV), BizConn, and unlimited data for $15/mo.

    As I said in a previous post comparing the T600 to the Kyo 7135, IMO it comes down to coverage, battery life, functionality, and aesthetics. Even at just 2 weeks since release, the 600 is the best there is -- until something better comes along. Ya gotta jump in sometime. Unless you identify with our more sour posters, you won't be disappointed if you jump in now.

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    Originally posted by reelflint
    Cheers... I'm out.
    I really want to say that no one will miss you, but ...I actually liked your story. I mean, when you say...
    Replacement??? Sure, I give you a replacement! while he grabs his crotch!!!
    ...I'm assuming that you mean you finally received your replacement T600 from some kind of Spanish speaking Micheal Jackson character. Hooray! Best story ever!!

    Actually, no, I change my mind -- I can do it:

    No one will miss you.

    Edit: Hey, scrinch.
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    This message is on Handspring's website today regarding T600 availability:

    "Due to high demand, allow 2-3 weeks for shipment."

    So purple wants us to believe that the Treo 600 is a flop, that Handspring really has plenty in inventory, but is leaving their warehouses stocked full and delaying shipment to give us the appearance of a successful product.

    I've had my 600 for a week now, and I can't believe how great it is. The 300 pales in comparison, which was the best device available before this one.

    Improvements like screen brightness, speed, build quality, sd slot, camera (even though it's a mediocre camera), directional pad (best improvement), OS5, mp3 player, and longer battery life make it worth every penny.

    You folks can wait if you like, or start carrying around a second generation real convergence device now. If money's not the issue, you're insane to hold off until the next best thing.

    Get your email, surf the web, organize your life, work on documents with a qwerty keyboard, play games, listen to music, make and receive phone calls, take pictures and send them around the world in an instant. All in one device. Amazing.

    No, I don't work for Handspring.

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    I must admit, I'm a little confused by those who have such unnatural passion for the hatred of a random product - I mean, we're talking about a cell phone here. It's one thing to love something and want to chat with others about it (after all, that's what hobbies are), but to devote massive amounts of time in a chat forum of a product you despise is mind numbingly wierd. I mean, I really hate spinach - but I've never had the slightest inclination to see if I can find an online forum dedicated to those who love spinach and try to criticize them. PurpleX has 568 posts - as just 2 minutes per post, thats more than 19 hours dedicated to this site, IF he posts every minute that he's looking at it. That's just wierd.

    Thanks for indulging me in the deep thought.
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    ah, passion is such a strange thing isn't it.
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    lets try to stay on track here.

    the original poster has had some serious problems that some don't seem capable of understanding.

    i can only attribute there euphoria regarding the treo to them being fortunate enough to have received one that has worked to date.

    Needless to say there are many who have not.

    If you've been reading this board with an open mind, you would have noticed countless problems. units that won't charge, sd slots that won't hold cards, units that turn on studder for no apparent reason, speakers that sound blown at high volumn levels, unexplained rattles, poor camera quality, constant resets, lousy vibrating batteries,and much more.

    Don't you wonder about the degree of beta testing and resulting quality control after reading about the degree of other peoples problems?

    Some are on their 3rd or 4th Treo 600.

    The pace of the high tech race has no doubt led to many premature releases. The Treo 600 may be one.

    The high tech industry has been getting away with marginal products in spades. I have a friend who is a director at Best Buy. we have spoken at length about the return rate on newly released high tech componentes. you would be shocked at the degree to which they fail to work properly out of the box.

    The Treo 600 appears to be another example, albeit no better or worse, of the low standard of quality acceptance now in practice by the manufacturers and the general public as it pertains to newly released high tech gear.

    read the posts!
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    that is the difference between vanilla and chocolate...the orginal poster was not happy but I am I had my 300 for approx 8 months, it worked fine, until a week and a half b4 the 600 was up 4 sale and it died. Sprint was great about sending me another, in perfect shape, but all things being = the 600 is miles above and beyond the 300!!

    Run do not walk to get a 600!!!
    take care, jay
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