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    From what I've read on the board, the new version of Sprint's business connection allows you to download/receive email attachments.

    How are these opened?

    For example, if you have Quickoffice and receive a MS Word file, are they opened in Quickoffice (and retain formatting) or are they opened in the "standard" Palm text (non-formatted) format?

    Same question for Snappermail, although my understanding is that you can open the files in their native format.

    thanks for the help.
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    Just bumping this back up.

    Does anyone know the answer to how attachments are handled?

    I've checked Sprint's site but can't find any info.
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    Sprint BC seems to use it's own mediocre viewers. They are not great, but they work. Snappermail uses wither Quickoffice Premiere or Docs-to-Go version 6.0 (both support native office file formats). I wish BC was smart enough to use Quickoffice or Docs-to-Go if you have it installed on you handset, but it doesn't. Maybe someone at Seven and Sprint will read this and include it in the next release.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info.

    If I understand correctly, BC keeps the docs in its own (or Palm's) format, making it of minimal value if you want to modify your docs.
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    I've been on the phone with Sprint for hours on this. I still can't get JPEG's to open and they have no idea why. They say its not supported for some reason.

    Are you able to open jpeg's without a third party viewer? if you use a third party viewer, which one and how does it work.
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    this keeps coming up, and I think folks must assume that having the ability to open attachments by these programs such as Biz Conn and Visto requires and uses 3rd party apps such as Docs To Go and QuickOffice. It's been said before - they don't. They (at least as far I can tell from having used them) use their own text rendering at the server - then send that plain text down to the handheld via subsequent sync. So - no Jpegs, no Docs To Go, no modify a Word doc and resend, etc. No graphics.
    This is a different method to dealing with attachments than programs such as SnapperMail use - their website tells all about it. SM will send the attachment to a 3rd party app, but BC and Visto won't. Not at the moment anyway.
    If I'm wrong, feel free to flame and correct.

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