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    Can someone summarize (actually step-by-step might help others too) the process for moving all data/software from an existing 300 to a new 600?

    This used to be SO easy with the Springboard Backup Module - I'm hoping there will be a similar product to it for the new 600's card slot…

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    I have not recieved the 600 yet, but have read the 600 manual on the handspring web site for sprint.
    It covers it and it looks easy. Basically you do a backup with your current Treo and then restore it under the same user name to the 600. Then you change the username of the old Treo so they do not conflict.
    According to the manual, any programs that would conflict are automatically quarantined (not transferred).
    So that is the theory--others who have done it may have had varied experiences///
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    It worked for me as advertised in the instructions. Read the prompts. There is a point where if you just click "NEXT" you will have missed your opportunity to sync and load. Not sure what would happen if you missed it.
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    The process worked for me as advertised, except that the quarantine didn't work 100%. Some PQA's, hacks, and programs that don't work under POS 5 snuck through onto the T600, while a couple of games that I have since reloaded and found to work were not transferred through. But the process was painless and 90% effective.
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    Hot sync treo 300 to make sure all data is backed up
    charge treo 600
    load new softward from disk
    hot sync treo 600
    it will create a file of programs that won't work on treo 600 and leave it on your desktop
    Call sprint change phone number.
    Voice works
    try to go online causes provisioning
    All set
    Sell treo 300

    mianly painless exept it left a few things on my 600 that don't work like treo300 sms
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    Hi there,

    Kevin from Handspring here. You’ve got some answers already, but I thought it might be handy to include a link. Here’s the customer support page that details the upgrade process:

    How do I upgrade from a Treo smartphone (180, 180g, 270, 300) to Treo 600?

    Have a great weekend,
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