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    I have been sitting on a DOA 600 for over a week!!! They said they would overnight me a repalcement unit last Friday. Nothing!!!

    You are the first to invest $450 (tax & ship) on HS's latest crap technology and you get completely disrespected. I am yet to buy a unit from Samsung, LG or Koycera that has ever failed.

    Advice for 600 buyers-

    Wait until the end of the products life. Then you could safely buy a unit and it will semi work. I pre-bought the first Treo and I got burned then by HS. I returned it and waited until 6 months ago to jump back on and try the 300. The 300 has been great despite out of range resets ( i think the 600 does the same thing). I also believe that Sprint places allot of pressure on HS for quality control.

    So, wait and/or buy a 300.

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    what did they say when you called them back?
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    "You are in the que!!! It will ship soon!!! I am Sorry Sir. Please don't bring my mother into this."
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    Honestly, like many others, I think you are over reacting. I'm sure you will get your replacement soon, but the product just launched and there are bound to be delays.
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    That blows. Good Luck.

    I'm just about to order mine. Hopefully I don't have the same bad luck.

    Anybody else had the same fate?
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    Same here..

    Had the problem of after hard reset, screen input didn't work, after doing a hardware reset (j - k - bksp -back reset button) the unit ceased to operate...

    They said overnight last Friday, and now they are saying "bla bla bla, will ship in 3-5 days.. it's a new order, so please be patient"

    We'll see.. I'm going to call them again today.
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    At least you know yours is doa. I'm caught between sprint and HS. The pos won't provision for data after a week, keep getting error 3000. Sprint can't figure out what the problem is. Since it appears network related, HS wont give me an rma, they send me back to sprint.
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    Does Mr Man work for HS???? C'mon Dude???

    Overnight shipping, countless hours (my hours are very expensive) oice prompt hell on HS's system, then do all that again 3 times because they all pass the buck blaming each other and no one has a replacement.

    All for what??? to a have a half *** PDA/phone which no one really tested... Can someone write a gui for this phone??? Can they fix the problems that the last version had no add to them???

    they should make sure it works and does not crash when you lay it down on a table where service is weak,or that the data turns off by itself after you browse,or that the SMS worked,ortha it had a email client worth a dime.....etc.... And c'mon what is that camera useful for??? putting blurred murrky images of friends on your phone book???

    Apple... please make a TREO!!!!
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    Originally posted by webslappy
    That blows. Good Luck.

    I'm just about to order mine. Hopefully I don't have the same bad luck.

    Anybody else had the same fate?
    my treo 600 has a faulty earpiece, the one inside the unit where you are supposed to hear the other person does not work at all.. i ordered it directly from Handspring and they told me to call "handspring technical support" which was Sprint PCS's customer service number!! i dont know if the HS rep thought i was an ***** and i assured her that i knew that it was PCS's number she gave and she was at a lost of words. Nonetheless i called Sprint and they are sending me a replacement within 3 to 5 business days and shipping paid return material for the defective unit.

    hope the unit is fully functional the second time around..

    always searching for the light..
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    It's crazy how HS won't even talk to us... they send straight to Sprint even though the unit was charged and sold by HS. The guy who took care of me was so nice and eager to please... I would have my fresh unit in my hands overnight!. I guess he did'nt specify which night.

    Good luck!
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    Originally posted by reelflint
    Apple... please make a TREO!!!!
    Who do you think started the whole PDA thing?????

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