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    Does T- Mobile still offer an unlimited SMS plan? I know some older threads talk about a $9.99 "Buddy Time" service that gave unlimited mobile-to-mobile and SMS, but there's no information about that being available on the T-Mobile website. Seems like this might be a case of an old offer that isn't available to new customers.

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    there is a $19.99 unlimited plan. keep in mind, this is an add-on to your existing phone service with them. If i understand it correctly. I'm currently using their $9.99 plan and will upgrade to the $20 one when my 600 gets here.
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    I have the $10 Buddy Time plan. If I go to "My T-Mobile" on their website, and then "My Plan and Services" it shows up there.

    When I click on "Change my Plan" it's one of the options there, though that may be because I already have it. See if you can add it that way.

    With it I get unlimited SMS (which I use) and unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling (which doesn't matter as I never come close to my minutes anyway).
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