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    The day before yesterday, I was able to use the OEM SMS feature to "chat". I had to do a hard reset in the interim and now its saying that the service will be available soon. did something happen to the service or do i need to do something to re-enable it? there was that icon to enable it before but its gone. any help?
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    had a similar experience, right after a carrier initiated download from "sprint provisioning"
    of course, not working now!
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    I thought this wasn't supposed to roll out from Sprint until mid November. I would love to have this feature work, so I will definitly hold off on buying it from PDAapps. If either of you get this working again can you send me an SMS message?
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    used TreoSMS300 for the last year, 600 version works great too, but yeah, if it's indeed mid-November, I'll keep the twenty bucks.

    where do you want an SMS if it does kick in again?
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    They are supposed to be rolling this out through the markets soon. It is possible that they had the SMS working in your area for testing, completed testing and then disabled it until the official rollout.
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    Do any of you know if Sprint will be charging for SMS or will it simply be an upgrade?
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    So it was just a big tease. Actually the service worked great. I was glad to have it up and running. disappointed that it wasn't working today.
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    I think they were doing testing of this service, so they can make it officially available ASAP.

    They have to get this working in the next few weeks. Why? This is one of their smoking guns they need to keep customers when the new wireless number portability laws go into effect.

    I think T-mobile is going to offer Fridays as part of their Unlimited Weekends now, too. The competition is just now starting to heat up. And you can thank the new law for it.

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