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    Is there any previous P800 users out there?

    I hope to find out how is the battery life compare between P800 and Treo 600? The battery life is always my biggest concern. Please advise...

    Thanks in advance!
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    With similar usage (mixed voice/data) the P800 lasts about 25-30% longer than the CDMA Treo 600.

    That said, the battery life of the CDMA Treo 600 is quite acceptable in my opinion, typically requiring a recharge every 2-3 days of moderately heavy use. The GSM version, of course, is expected to be more power-efficient than the CDMA version.
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    I agree, the T600 CDMA has decent battery life. The key is to keep vision off in the pref->network. I did the same thing on the P800 and got an increase in battery life.
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    The GSM Treo should give 50% more talk time than the CDMA Treo, so you should expect the Treo 600 to last 10 to 25% longer overall than the P800.

    P900 not quite here in Europe yet, but GSM Treo in Orange shops now.

    I think P900 and P800 battery life is similar.

    My friend will upgrade to a Treo 600 from his P900 if he can get a good deal with Vodafone.
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    The p900 will be all over the market by the time Handspring releasing the GSM treo600 to the market

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