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    I've called three times and Orange can't seem to get my voice mail to work.

    It just acts like I haven't got voice mail. Calls aren't answered if I let them ring. If I tap Ignore, the caller immediatly gets disconnected.

    Everytime I call, the person says they'll send me a text message that I should read, delete, then turn the phone off and on again.

    Done that each time and it doesn't work.

    So, I've noticed that the "SIM Book" application has a button called "Messages" Whenever the message have come in, the Treo Messaging application seems to handle them.

    Is it possible I should be reading them from the SIM Book application?

    Has anyone else receive an Orange Treo with a working voicemail?

    Also, I've noticed a "Call Forwarding" screen. That is set to "Do not forward" but from reading the manual, that seems to be more to forward to someone else, rather than for voicemail (it implies you'll get charged for forwarded calls).

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    Voicemail is really independent of the phone. The only aspects of voicemail that are part if the phone are the preprogrammed favorite (press and hold 1 to get vmail) and the way in which a new voicemail is notified to your phone (either a reel indicator or a popup message). Voicemail indicators are controlled by hidden SMS messages.

    Your issue is with the network voicemail system and not the phone per se.
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    My voice mail seems to work OK. If I press 'Ignore' or just let it ring 11 or 12 times, it send the caller to the Orange AnswerPhone.

    I think SIM Book Messages is for transferring SMS messages between phones using a SIM card.

    You are correct about Forwarding - it deals with which phone should receive the call in the first place, not how it is handled once the phone starts ringing.

    What happens if you switch the phone part off and then ring the number while it is switched off? Does the answer phone work then?
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    I had the same problem with my Orange phone originally.

    If you have a new number sometimes the call forwarding options have not been set up. You can do this yourself from

    phone -> menu -> options -> call preferences

    You need to set each of the forwarding options you want activated to divert to the Orange answerphone number which is +447973100123 (in the UK). This is the same number you dial to pick up your messages.
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    Is there any way to set how many rings before it diverts to voicemail?

    Mine only seems to ring about 5 or 6 times. I would like to increase this.



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