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    i bought a treo off ebay almost half a year ago and last week the lid breaks, just like ive been reading about on some of these threads. but unlike the other posts i was unable to get a replacement at the sprint store because the phone i bought has passed between two or more people and therefore the warranty has expired. the employee said there was nothing she could do cause she couldnt add the sprint replacement insurance after it has been broken.

    so my plan of action was to sign up for the sprint replacement plan and go try again later.

    or does anyone else have any other ways to deal with this? if so please let me know...cause i spent $300 for this one and im not gonna pay that much for another one.
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    Buy a 600 from Handspring for 399 with their upgrade deal and then take a new contract with sprint for the $150 rebate.
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    well i just talked to a sprint rep and he said my phone would not be covered through the lockline insurance since there was more than one owner. soo....i dont even know if it would work with the 600 update rebate thing.

    instead of selling the sperate parts on ebay i could try to repair it. does anyone know of a place where i can get parts (lid) or of any places that do repairs?
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    woa...i just went to a different sprint store across town...and they too refused to replace or fix my phone due to the same they told me it was logged in that the first store i went to said that i had bought the phone on ebay. im bout to just give up on this handspring run around and purchase me a regular phone.
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    Use the serial # of the 300 you have to get a 600 from Handspring for $399.

    Handspring's upgrade program doesn't care how many owners your phone has had.

    This is what Eyedeas was suggesting earlier, except eyedeas also suggested getting a $150 credit from Sprint by signing a new agreement.

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