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    I installed sandman and when I click on the icon the power shuts off. Is this what is supposed to happen? I can't configure it to only happen when I push a button? If i launch it during a phone call it disconnects the call too!

    I also installed coolDA, but I can't figure out how to use that to shut the screen off when on a call either!! I guess I am a moron, can someone help me!! I just want the screen off when I am on the phone!
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    have you read all 5 pages of this thread? similiar things were happening with other seems certain ways worked for certain people...and you just gotta go through trial and error to see what works for you. some people talked about treoalert manager or something, others found it was important whether the sound system was on or not. there were a bunch of options that came up. so try reading from the beginning...

    for some people it also mattered what version hardware of the phone they had....take a look.
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    Originally posted by ChasT
    I've just found another way to turn it off during a call.

    Cool DAs v1.1 freeware.

    I'm using McPhling as my DA launcher and Cool DA so far seems to turn off the Palm OK when I'm on the phone.

    I've got the T600 set so that it will not accept taps while online, bit it's OK as Cool DA workswith the Treo 5-way Selector.

    Hope this helps others.

    Thanks a lot Chas for this great find! Sandman didn't work for me well, while this works without a glitch. Additionally Cool DAs has ability to turn off auto-off completely, which for some reason is missing in Treo 600. Also, I found a simpler DA launcher - Power DA that works ok with 5-way selector.

    Thanks again.
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    I've tried Off-it, Cool DA and Sandman, and off-it won't leave the sound on regardless of the system sound setting, while cool DA and Sandman do work if the system sound is turned on. Now how do I map the Sandman program to the silver power button on top of the treo? I know how to assign programs to the apps buttons, but not the power button on top. I have McFling, which lets me pull up menus, but doesnt seem to add a control for the power button?? DO i need HBX or one of the other CoLauncher type programs? I would prefer to turn off the screen with the power button on top just like i do when in any other program besides phone.
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    One other issue just occurred to me: these hacks don't work if you have slid the volume knob to vibrate, and the times that you don't want your phone making noise are likely the same times you don't want the screen lit (in a movie, a meeting, etc). Hopefully, someone will write an app that turns off the screen even when the system sound is off.
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