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    Another change from Palm OS3 to OS5 related to contacts which seems to be an issue on DateBk5. I've written Pimlico on this one and will post the reply when I get one. My text to Pimlico is below.

    "When linking in Dbk5 to a contact, how can I control which contact phone # is shown in split screen view and inserted into the linked event, to-do, or note? In previous palm, the contact application (addressbook) allowed a user to select the default display # (Called “Show in list”) for each contact in the contact list via the “Contact entry details” option dialog. This was the single # shown in the Addressbook when looking at the entire list.

    However, in Palm OS5 Contact application (maybe tailored by HS for Treo 600—not sure), “Show in list” is no longer seems an option—that same dialog only allows selection of Category and private on a per user basis. This is probably because the new built-in Contacts app, lists all phone #s for each entry in the list—there is really no need to set a default #. But, when using the split screen view in Dbk5 and the linked phone # insertion capability this becomes an issue. At first I thought that the new default # had just defaulted #1 of the 5 available for each entry, or #last of the 5 used, but after looking into this a bit further this morning, the previous default # setting seems to have successfully transferred into the new contacts database…. i.e. The primary (default) contact # which I had set on my Palm 3 (using OS 3.x) is still being shown in the split screen view for previously existing contacts, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change this for existing entries or to ‘set’ this option for new contacts I enter going forward.

    Am I missing something? Is this not your issue? Any suggestions?"

    Any advise from others is appreciateded. I've tried to adjust PocketMirror (syncing my contacts with outlook) to prioritize Mobile#s 1st, Home 2nd, Bus 3rd, Email#1 4th, and Email #2 5th but this doesn't seem to affect the default # setting in Datebk5.


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    One last try to see if anyone knows how to set the Default contact # field in Palm OS Contacts database....

    DateBk5 replied to me that this field still exists in the contacts database on the Treo 600, but that the HS contacts app offers no means to change it. It's really only relevant if using 3rd party apps that show a single # for a contact... (such as DateBk5)

    Thanks for any help. I won't bump my own post again if no one knows how to do this of if there are any 3rd party contacts apps which allow you to set this.

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