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    how can i send myself full text of breaking news, sports etc. via SMS? yahoo mobile only sends you the headline - i want the story too
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    I don't think you can do that via SMS because SMS is limited to something like 155 characters, so you couldn't fit a whole into an SMS message. The best you could hope for would be to have a story broken down into multiple SMS messages. I think you'd be better off having them e-mailed to you and use one of the various e-mail clients available for the Treo600 to read it.
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    ah... hmmm - can SMS contain hyperlinks? see email is ok but i don't want to get from sites that aren't mobile friendly - or get them in my regular email box (annoying)...
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    I dont think you could click on the hyperlink of an SMS message (unless there was a program specifically designed to do so). One of the ways to get certain info sent SMS is where one person (or the entire group) share info through SMS.
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    With the Treo 600 you can click on a link in an SMS (or use the 5 way to select and click on it).

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