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    Mobile News Alerts on TREO 600

    I've been trying to receive automated MOBILE NEWS ALERTS (via CNN.COM, Yahoo Alerts...etc) using my SMS email address (
    However I have only been receiving partial messages. Does the SMS functionality of the TREO 300 and 600 have a limited number of characters allowed per message?

    I know I can use the phone’s email capabilities but I am looking for something that automatically sends me breaking news updates.

    If the number of characters is limited can someone suggest a website that sends news alerts catered to the Treo’s SMS functionality?

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    It's limited to 160 character messages on the Sprint network. I use Yahoo myself and it works just fine for me.
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    I have only been able to get maybe one news alert a day from yahoo since I set it up a few days ago. I'm starting to think something is wrong with my setup. I KNOW world events haven't been THAT quiet.

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