I have searched, but can't find anything like these, so I apologise if it's covered elsewhere.

Quirk 1 - Despite auto power off being set to 3 minutes in prefs, the device powers off after 1 minute. This has been resolved by changing the prefs setting to 1 minutes, and then back to 3 minutes, and seems to be related to installing MegaClock.

Quirk 2 - Possibly aimed more at UK users, as I don't know if or how SMS is implemented in the US, but when typing in a number to send an SMS to, wait for the keyboard backlight to go off, and then continue typing. The keyboard backlight does not come back on. Tapping the screen switches it back on, but typing in the SMS 'To' fields seems to be isolated from the keyboard backlight.

Neither of these are serious problems. Just sharing ...