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    I am on Orange and I've gotten the GPRS data bundle.

    However, when I go into Blazer, I'm asked if I want to connect to the internet. Then it says something like "establishing connection", and "signing on".

    Once connected, the signal strength indicators have two green arrows on the right side. However, according to the manual, that mean it has made a dial up (csd) connection, not a GPRS connection!

    I've called Orange and the guy there was nice, but didn't have the information on the Treo. But he said he was going to switch me to the three month free wap and it was the same thing.

    Other Orange users, what does your phone do?

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    WAP is not the same! Call him back, and state "Internet/GPRS".
    Good luck.
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    I spoke to a farily clueless rep yesterday who assured me it was a gprs connection and that I was not going toget billed for dialup.

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