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    I have owned my Treo 300 since July. Before it, I had a Palm V and a Nextel phone.

    The one advanatge I had with the Nextel phone was my ability to receive e-mails from my MSN account directly to my phone AND the ablity to sign into to read e-mails and send them.

    Am I missing something or is this not possible on the T3?
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    As I can get confused with the issues of symantics some times, I want to be sure what you mean.

    I had a 300 (before my 600). It comes with no built in email application, but you can browse you way into many providers webmail. Mostly it is a bad experience do to differences in screen sizes, but it can be done.

    I added an email client (Eudora) that allowed me to check my ISP email (Earthlink and Sprint). It was a "full featured" client, that pulled the email down, allowed me to read, reply, delte, and create new messages, and send them back through the ISP.

    But this is "pull" technology, where the client on the 300 has to PULL the email down. I would imagine you could do the same with microsoft.

    There are some (to me) expensive packages that you can subscribe to, and they PUSH the email down to you as it is received.

    To me, this is not worth it, as I can automate the mail client to pull the mail every 15 minutes.

    Am I getting even close to answering your question?
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    Its been awhile since I tried, but I think there is a problem with setting up MSN Hotmail on the treo. You can look at their site at, but no email option comes up. But search this site for answers. I use Yahoo mail on the Treo. They're are at

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